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For a Happy and Fit New Year

C:\Users\Proprietario\Pictures\Fitnessiworld\For_a_Happy_and_Fit_New_Year_.pngThe New Year is a tough time for people who are trying to maintain their fitness.  The holidays have been around, and everyone tried to feed us as much as we could eat.  In many cases, the foods, themselves, are high in fat, salt, simple carbs…  Because of the pressures to get things done, all the shopping and running around, we didn’t always have time to get to the gym or do our workout.  It wouldn’t be so bad if this just went on for a week, but the latest way of “doing the holidays” seems to start in mid-October, and lasts right through the first of January! — And so, because I know that you’ve been rushed, I’m going to keep this short.

Let’s Eat!

First, let’s look at the food situation.  This is a really great time to change the way you’ve been doing things.  Our minds are on our Resolutions, but hey, let’s be reasonable about it!
No Diets!
Diets don’t work.  I don’t care how many friends you have who swear by Atkins, or anybody else.  In the final analysis, diets don’t work.  They are artificial ways of eating which are, by design, non-sustainable.  Yes, you may lose some fat while you’re doing them, but when you go off the diet, that fat comes back, often even more than before.  So, NO DIETS!!

Watch your fat and salt!

Simple.  Don’t slather your mashed potatoes with Aunt Jane’s Cream Gravy.  Don’t eat french-fries, or, for that matter, anything which comes out of a deep fryer.  Bake, broil, steam.  That’s the mantra.  If you must fry, use a light dusting of an olive-oil-based cooking spray, instead of a half-cup of bacon grease.
If you’re a vegetarian, life in the low-fat lane is a bit easier for you.  But if you’re not, then try to stay with the good stuff.  Eat the white meat instead of dark (and I don’t mean pork, characterized as “The Other White Meat”, but still high-fat, high cholesterol).  Try introducing some new dishes into your new year fare.  Baked or broiled fish is wonderful.  There are many varieties, and you’re almost certain to find something you like.  Experiment with different spicings – I like simple stuff like basil and oregano, but some fish, like red snapper, can be made really terrific with the application of some garlic, too.

Baked potatos are fine, as long as you keep away from too much butter and/or sour cream.  Again, try one of the low-fat or non-fat salad dressings, along with some chopped chives, minced garlic (to taste), and other spices.
And while we’re baking things, how about yams!  Fantastic sources of fiber, antioxidant vitamins, and mighty tasty, these goodies are really good for you!  Don’t be too fanatical about fat here – a single pat of butter, whipped into a large baked yam with about a teaspoonful of brown sugar, makes a low-fat, high-taste treat.  Add a bit of cinnamon or clove for another taste sensation!
Be inventive!
here are many, many foods out there that you haven’t tried, and maybe it’s about time you did!

Let’s Exercise!

Motivating yourself to get into the gym might be a bit in the New Year.  There’s post-Holiday shopping to do, running the kids around, all that stuff — when can you find time!?
Start with shopping.  You’ve heard it before, but it is no less true for repetition — park at the far end of the mall lot, and walk in.  If you don’t have joint problems, use stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.  Get a pen and notepad and walk the entire mall without buying anything.  Instead, write down what you really liked and wanted to buy.  Then trim the list to practical proportions, and walk back to the shops where you found things, and get them.
Visiting relatives?  Use the opportunity to go for a long walk.  Check out the scenery.  Go to a museum and wander around for a few hours.  Take the kids to an ice-skating rink.  You skate, too!  Go boogie all night with the folks at a local dance factory.  In short, have fun while you keep moving!

Winter vacation plans?  Why not make it a ski vacation, where you actually spend more time on the slopes than in the lodge?  Chasing summer?  Swim, run, snorkel, walk a quiet beach — Keep Moving!
Have Fun!
Whatever you do, don’t let the fact that you missed a few workout sessions, make you feel bad.  Everybody needs a vacation from work and working out.  Just don’t go off the deep end when it comes to indulging yourself, and you’ll be right back on track in short order.  It’s new year, y’all, time for you to hit the weight racks and aerobics room.
And a New Year’s Wish from Bill and the Gang at World Fitness
We wish you all a happy, safe, fun, exciting, pleasurable, and fulfilling Year.  Don’t forget the folks who have less than we do, and give generously to the charity of your choice.  If you need us, we’re here for you – as near as the Experts Page – and we genuinely want for you to be fit, healthy, and happy!

Hype or Good Health? Get the Lowdown on Multivitamins

categories of vitaminsOne vitamin retailer claims “purity, freshness and quality” by shipping a fresh supply of vitamins every 90 days. Another says its product “dissolves in minutes instead of the hour or more that some lazy vitamins take.” Yet another offers “all-day protection” with timed-released vitamin and mineral formulas.
Will the real high-quality vitamin please stand up?

The sale of vitamins and supplements is now a multi-million dollar industry, which means more manufacturers and retailers are competing for your attention. Health claims are rolling out of marketing departments faster than an Olympic sprint. But are some vitamins better than others? Is there a big difference between a cheap multivitamin and an expensive one?
FitnessLink asked Michael Janson, M.D., author of The Vitamin Revolution in Health Care (Arcadia Press), for a few tips.

Janson says there are three categories of vitamins. The first are cheap (usually less than $10), low potency vitamins. These vitamins include brands like Centrum and One-A-Day and can be found in any major grocery store. The tablets are covered with a heavy coating and don’t disintegrate easily, which means the body doesn’t absorb them well. The ingredients are typically the lowest quality of all three types.

Next are health food store or mail order vitamins, such as GNC or Barth’s brands, that are sometimes hypoallergenic. These vitamins, made from better quality ingredients, are a good choice. The tablets aren’t heavily coated so the body absorbs them easily. They often come with a reasonable price tag ($10 – $20).

The third category consists of the pricey brands (more than $20 for a month’s supply) that are usually found in salons or spas. The ingredients are high quality with nothing artificial. They have fancier packaging, more marketing bang for the buck and a name or reputation that backs them.
“In general, both the medium and higher price levels are usually good quality vitamins,” says Janson.
One of the vitamin industries little known secrets is that the majority of better quality vitamins are actually identical products. “Most of the good companies get their raw ingredients from a few major sources,” says Janson. These companies create vitamins and package them under hundreds of different labels. Quality store and mail order brands are often identical to national brands, at half the price.

Hype or good health?

Let’s examine some claims about vitamin supplements more closely. Is shipping that fresh supply of vitamins every 90 days something special? Not necessarily.
“Vitamins are required by law to have an expiration date or code,” says Janson. So it really doesn’t matter how often the vitamins are shipped, as long as you take them all before the expiration date.
What about the time release claim? click to continue

Lose Those Love Handles

how to lose love handlesWhat is one of fat’s favorite vacation spots on the body? The sides of the waist – those soft flabby areas affectionately known as “love handles.”
The muscles underlying the love handles are known as the obliques. When this area appears out of shape, it’s logical to assume the oblique and abdominal muscles need exercise in order to become firm. But be careful. The obliques are generally easy to build up. This may be the one muscle group which can indeed get too big – if they become too muscular, the waist will look wider.
More often than not, the waist appears soft because it’s simply a favored storage area for fat. It’s even possible to lose weight and still store fat around the waist. It’s the last “holdout.”

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The key to a trimmer waistline is twofold. Making the correct changes in your diet is crucial, but a proper exercise program is equally relevant. The following workout can be performed once a week as part of a total-body fat-reducing and muscle-building program (read: this workout alone will not rid you of your love handles). It’s imperative to move quickly from exercise to exercise in order to optimize the fat-burning process.

Exercise 1: Twists with a Bar

Standing with your legs a little further than hip-width apart, place a light barbell across your shoulders. Twist to one side, then twist to the other side, continuing back and forth with a brisk motion. Do not lean forward or backward. This movement is disregarded by many as ineffective but that’s because most people do it improperly. It’s important that the twist isn’t executed in a leisurely fashion. Move quickly from side to side and keep your abs and obliques tight! Total time: 5 minutes.

Exercise 2: The Vacuum

Inhale deeply. As you exhale, suck the stomach in as far as it will go and hold it for a count of ten. Not only does this simple exercise strengthen the abdominal wall, it improves posture and lung capacity.

Exercise 3: Side Bends

It isn’t a good idea to do sidebends with a dumbbell. Instead, place your hands behind your head and bend from side to side, contracting the muscles at the waist. If that’s too difficult, keep your hands on your hips. Do 50 bends to each side.

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Exercise 4: One Sided Bends

Stand with your right hand on your hip and your left hand outstretched above. Bend to the right and extend the outstretched hand over your head and as far to the right side as possible. Keep this position and “pulse” with tiny bends. Stay on this side for one minute. Return to an upright position, switch arm positions, and repeat on the opposite side. These little movements keep the obliques under constant tension.

Exercise 5: Lateral Leg Raises

This is similar to a simple leg lift. Lie on your side and lift your leg toward your head, contracting the oblique muscles. Do 20 reps on one side then turn directly to the other side and do an additional 20 reps. Once that’s completed, immediately repeat the set.
This routine doesn’t take long and it’s sure to keep your midsection tight. But remember: your waist will always look soft if there’s a layer of fat around it. The “love handles” are tough. They’re unforgiving. They’re also the first to let you know when you’re slacking off. Try this routine and you’re on your way to a trimmer waistline. And that’s something you can really love!

In-depth look at vitamins

In-depth look at vitaminsWhat about the time release claim? Time released supplements aren’t that beneficial because the body doesn’t need an hourly supply of nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies don’t develop by the hour–or even overnight.
Some manufacturers maintain that their products don’t contain sugar, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. Isn’t this good news?
“Yes,” says Dana Reed, MS, the Director of Nutrition for, an online vitamin company. “Supplements shouldn’t contain fillers, artificial flavoring, colors or sweeteners.” You pay for vitamins, not junk.

Efficient absorption – the mark of quality

So what’s wrong with those cheap vitamins we can pick up at the grocery?

As mentioned earlier, the heavy coating prevents the tablet from breaking up quickly once we swallow it. Secondly, our body can’t break down and use the nutrients in these vitamins before our system flushes them out. Money spent on these vitamins is literally being flushed down the toilet.
The U.S. Pharmacopoeia sets standards for vitamin disintegration that may be helpful. It says that vitamin and mineral compounds should disintegrate in the intestine within about 30 minutes. One good test is to soak your vitamin in a glass of water and see if it dissolves or starts to break up within a short period of time. If the tablet doesn’t, it may be time to look for a new supplement. But remember that you can’t test capsules in this way.

The best way to increase your body’s absorption of a good quality multivitamin supplement is by taking it with meals. Reed recommends taking a supplement after both breakfast and dinner. “Multiple dosing allows for a more complete formula with higher RDA levels of nutrients, enhanced absorption, and allows the body to maintain more consistent blood levels of the nutrients,” says Reed.
The most effective nutritional supplement program considers many factors, such as diet, lifestyle and activity level, personal health, family history and health objectives. No one multi is the best formula or product for everyone. Select your multi carefully based on your individual nutritional needs.
“When I consult with my clients I ask them a series of questions that enables me to guide them in designing an individual program,” says Reed.
Supplements are most effective when taken as part of a comprehensive program of diet and exercise. “A multi should serve as the foundation,” advises Reed. “With the right program, most people will find their immune response enhanced, energy levels up, and over the long term, the process of aging delayed.” All are great reasons for checking out a quality multivitamin supplement that’s right for you.

Vitamin Do’s and Don’ts

  • Never buy a multi that doesn’t clearly list the amount of each ingredient. A “laundry list” of ingredients without the IU or mg amounts is a red flag to leave it on the shelf.
  • Don’t pay extra for “chelated” minerals. Chelated means the vitamins are · combined with proteins. Some claim that the process promotes better absorption of the vitamins, and it may, but a quality multi taken with meals will give you good absorption.
  • Every vitamin product you buy should have an expiration date because the potency decreases with time. Potency refers to the strength and the freshness of the product. All labels should also have a batch number in the event of a recall.
  • Tablets or capsules? Pressed tablets can contain more nutrients than the equivalent amount of capsules or softgels. Plus, you can do the water test to see how quickly they breakdown.
  • Products packaged in containers that reduce the effects of light, heat and moisture will help retain the vitamin’s potency longer. Look for vitamins in tinted or dark color bottles.
  • Store your vitamins in a cool, dry, dark space. The fridge or the bathroom medicine cabinet can contain moisture and humidity that breaks down vitamins before their expiration date.

Avoid Junk Food

Burgers and fries, candy, chavoiding junk foodocolate, cookies and cakes are sweethearts to many, if not all. Junk food is specifically meant to taste nice and is, in a lot of cases, literary addictive. The problem with these kinds of food is that they have little or even no nutritional value. Research has established it that junk food is the downfall to most of those people looking forward to cut down on their weight.

The good taste of these foods is quite tempting and thus it becomes really difficult for many to abandon this habit. The rush you get from eating any kind of junk food is the same rush experienced by that person on hard drugs.

Anyway, you do not have to get all freaked up! You do not have to book a position with the nearest rehab centre. It is a kind of addiction that can easily be curbed. All you really need is to make a few simple changes that will see you through in your quest to cut down on your weight. Eating junk food is a habit you need to kick off or bring down if you need to have that desirable body.

Deal with the main areas of temptation. That is the very first step! As humans we have a weakness when it comes to avoiding temptations and in most of the cases we end up giving in. Mae west at some point in time said’ “I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it” and on the other hand Oscar Wilde purported, “I can resist everything except temptation.”

You may be asking yourself this question, “How can I possibly restrain from temptations?” It is pretty simple. All you need to do is to stay away from temptation. Go to your cupboard and ensure that you get rid-off each and every food item that you won’t need in the course of your healthy eating program.

You may resolve to give the food items away since they stand up as a barrier between you and your weight loss ambition. Buy food stuffs that work towards helping you cut down on your weight. These are the kind of foods that you need to stuff your cupboard with.

Sometimes we may fail to recognize the barrier to our dream of shedding off extra weight. It may be that shop that you pass by on your way to the work place that tempts you. The right thing is to actually avoid that temptation and you know better how. You may choose to change the route or even carry readymade food to the work place. If you really need to get into the perfect shape you will quite agree that no mountain is too high to climb.

Weight gain is usually accompanied by numerous illnesses. You do not need to suffer from the associated conditions and thus it is upon you to take the initiative. In case you are wondering over what is the right time to embark that weight loss journey then be reminded that the time is actually now!