hamstring workoutNovice bodybuilders often put most of their leg training emphasis on the quadriceps. After all, they are the muscles that show in the mirror. But the hamstrings are equally important to the size, shape and overall beauty of the legs.
For men, the “hams” add strength and separation to the thighs. For women, shapely hamstrings will make the back of the thighs appear sleeker. They also give you that desirable, sensuous curve to the entire “backside.” (Go ahead – call me sexist. I don’t mind.)
Here’s a superset combo that will bring out the appeal in your hamstrings – men and women alike.

Stiff-Leg Deadlift

Stand upright with your feet a few inches apart and hold a light barbell. Start with just the bar or two light dumbbells if you are unfamiliar with this movement.
Bend forward, lowering the bar toward your feet and keeping the spine straight and the lower back tight (to assure this, keep the chest pushed out).
Bend as far down as possible without bending the knees, then contract the hamstrings and lift back up to the starting position. Maintain the same flat, somewhat arched, back. Repeat for 12 reps.
Then go immediately to the leg curl machine. Do 10-15 reps. This deadly duo is one superset. Repeat the procedure four times.
This combination works because both exercises stress the hamstrings – but they work in an opposing manner. The stiff-leg deadlifts force the hamstrings to stretch while the leg curls impose a strong contraction.
Use this routine in conjunction with your regular leg workout or by itself to focus on the hamstrings alone. Before long, your “rear view” will be stronger and sleeker.